Slack bug notification


Sometimes we may need to check the error log for our applications. It is a bit troublesome to check the logs. Thanks to slack notifier, we can now receive our error logs real time. 


Project Setup
1. Go to
2. Choose your team and press configure.
3. In configurations press add configuration.
4. Choose channel, press "Add Incoming WebHooks integration".
5. From the rails app configure the config/environments/production.rb.
Rails.application.config.middleware.use ExceptionNotification::Rack,
  :slack => {
    :webhook_url => "#{ENV["SLACK_WEBHOOK_URL"]}",
    :channel => "#{ENV["SLACK_BUG_CHANNEL"]}",
    :username => "notifier",
    :additional_parameters => {
      :mrkdwn => true
6. Once everything is done, you will receive the error reporting in real time.

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