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Technology is now a core competence of business – it’s an issue firmly on the boardroom agenda for all major companies today. However, technology moves faster than business, it always has and it always will. The opportunity gap this creates means that big businesses are dying as fast-moving, innovative new entrants steal their market share.

To combat this matter, it’s important for larger companies to outsource and gain a new perspective from tech experts in the field. You must look outside your own walls to see what is possible and then provide the platform to make it happen. We help professionals, like you, looking to raise their firm’s competitiveness through digital initiatives, including:

  • Increasing your business’s agility with faster core processes and better distribution capabilities
  • Connecting with customers through simpler and more engaging user experiences
  • Optimizing processes for greater efficiency and lower costs

  • Innovation-Driven Business

    For your business to thrive, you have to practice open innovation. This means looking outside a traditionally small number of strategic partners and discovering what else is out there. We’re not just talking about this, we’re helping you and your company do it in practice. We are scouting every day for the latest innovations, vetting them, and matching them to your problems. Our in-depth understanding of the tech industry means that we can show you the huge impact they could make on your business, helping you change the game in your industry.

  • Design Thinking

    Prela employs Design Thinking methodology to solve complex problems and to find desirable solutions for you and our other clients. We’re solution focused and action oriented towards creating a preferred and profitable outcome for your company. It allows us to look at the bigger picture and the ultimate outcome for your company upfront, so we can then work backwards to ensure our plan allows you to achieve your strategic technology goals.

  • Performance Improvement

    Finding the innovation that will not only ensures your business thrives is one thing, but how do you take that innovation and deliver real change to your business in practice? We design and implement business and operating models that will help you make this change happen. Our people have decades of technological transformation experience across multiple industries and can help you implement and cement new technology strategies in your business that will aid and grow with your company for many years to come.

We work with our clients to create achievable business, product and customer strategies. Our roots are in execution, the strategies we work on with you are not just theoretical strategies – they are shaped to be operational and technically achievable.

Whether it is shops, branches, call centers, mobile, internet or self-serve, we work with our clients to create the right mix with the latest technology, linking into our innovation ecosystems around the world to ensure the advice and implementation is cutting edge.

Once the right strategy is put in place and decisions have been made on the types of technology needed, we work with you to create an operating model to sustain your business and achieve your strategic technology goals. Moreover, we know you need to sustain your business after we leave, so we partner with you to develop and deliver smart, efficient solutions that will work in the long run.

Connecticut Data Collective


CT Data’s Executive Director has inherited a project-in-progress that had an impending platform launch deadline. The Executive Director was unsure about the existing development team’s code quality


Prela was brought in as an external code auditor to review existing work done and address any concerns brought up by the Executive Director. Prela also provided recommendations on ways forward, taking into account launch deadlines and stakeholder expectations.

Boston University: Digital Humanities Seminar


With technology infiltrating the Higher Education Sector, more and more representatives within Boston University’s Humanities and Social Sciences Departments are interested in adding a digital twist to their research projects. As a result, Boston University began a seminar series for professors to help them get their projects off the ground.


Prela was brought on as external consultants to speak about projects they had developed and maintained in the Digital Humanities. Their advice has helped some BU’s most innovative professors bring their Digital Humanities Projects and ideas to life.

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