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Product and Software development have become widely accepted as a critical approach for effectively executing innovation objectives. New technology and services are the lifeblood of successful companies, expanding market reach, improving customer satisfaction, and driving new, high levels of revenue and profitability. Yet new software launches present some very real challenges, including time to market, effectiveness of design, quality and profitability, and gaining valuable customer insights to help meet unarticulated needs.

Prela has helped countless organizations around the world meet these challenges and exceed their expectations for new tech relevance and profitability. Our proven approach to new software development focuses on how to anticipate value-added customer requirements, optimize production costs, and significantly reduce time to market.

  • Business Logic First

    Prela’s team is a unique combination of subject matter professionals in technology, software development, and operations. We understand the way a business needs to operate in order to be successful, and therefore make your success our highest priority throughout the entire design and development process. We feel that knowing your needs and how this application is going to be implemented into your business process is paramount to how we are going to technically build your software.

  • Adaptable Technology

    We follow a rigorous optimization and testing process that ensures we are delivering elegant, high quality and bug free software. The code we write is extensible and will be able to adapt to as your business grows.

  • Unique Software

    Our expertise in software development isn't limited to one particular industry or developing for one specific platform. From Digital Humanities to the State Department, we’ve developed unique software for a wide variety of clients.

Prela focuses on improving key performance indicators on all new software development projects in strategic alignment with client expectations and business goals. Through ongoing dialogues with project stakeholders, we are able to identify key areas of improvement and leverage hands-on operational experience to transfer knowledge and achieve measureable results.

We use a five-phase approach to develop new software that works for you and your business:

  • Market Feasibility — analyze the business case and evaluate proposals against critical business objectives to minimize overall risk.
  • Concept Preparation — develop an in-depth understanding of customer needs and wants.
  • Design Preparation — create the development specifications for the new software, associated processes and a detailed quality assurance plan.
  • Production Preparation — design verification and validation.
  • Post launch wrap-up — monitoring product and project performance against key objectives, ensuring that all business objectives are achieved and following up with countermeasures if correction is required.

The United States Department of State


Whistleblower reports from ISIS-held territory come in via various, disconnected sources. The security of those sources were suspect, and often information would come in too late (eg: the destruction of Palmyra.


Prela developed a fully-encrypted, end-to-end application that streamlined the incident reporting process, letting whistleblowers be completely anonymous, and made the workflow easier for their internal team to manage the submissions.

Boston University:The Levantine Ceramics Project


Professor Andrea Berlin had the vision of an online platform for archaeological researchers to share their data easily, and also collaborate on answering questions related to their work. There were no good existing tools to accomplish this.


Prela consulted with Professor Berlin to develop her vision into a concrete product plan, and then delivered a robust, extensible platform that is being used by hundreds of researchers across dozens of institutions around the world today.

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