Operational Success

Operational Success is a strategy for growth. Growth is vital in order to achieve sustained profitability and enterprise success. Organizations that fully leverage operational success regularly acquire improved lead-times and higher levels of responsiveness—and can capitalize on each to gain a competitive advantage and expand their market share.

Results include accelerated new product development cycles, improved cross-functional execution, achieving a greater percentage of strategic objectives, and improved bottom-line profitability.

  • Tangible Results
    • Prela approaches each situation for operational success as a unique experience. We work with you to understand your company’s goals and will provide you with not only the plan to achieve that success, but a proven system that will give you tangible results.
  • Timely Manner
    • As the saying goes, Time is Money. Although a cliche, this saying holds true in today’s fast-paced, technology driven business environment. We provide you with a plan and the tools you need to achieve your goal of operational robustness with little to no downtime for your company.
  • Enjoyable Relationships
    • We spend at least half of our waking hours working. At Prela, we seek to make those hours as enjoyable and pain free as possible. This starts with the results we will achieve together, but it goes beyond that. Your people will enjoy working with us because we have the upmost respect for them and their experience. In addition, we share the desire for you and your colleagues to grow and develop. What we bring to the table complements their knowledge and experience, providing new perspective to a problem, or uncovering things previously unseen. In the end, unleashing this potential is what creates our shared success.

We work with you to identify which business process improvements are necessary to support both organic and inorganic growth plans. We then create an operational roadmap and introduce a management system to ensure sustainable performance improvement through a disciplined, cross-functional methodology based on daily measures, immediate feedback, and real-time corrections. We leave behind a framework and structure for business performance improvement to ensure success.

Moreover, we can implement business processes to uncover unarticulated customer and consumer needs and increase speed to market, as well as implement design processes that ensure an effective use of capital.

Above all, we recognize that operational success isn’t just about the day to day. It’s about the long term effects our plan will have on you and your company. Instead of providing just a quick fix to your problems, your plan will be designed with the future in mind and will be custom fit to grow and change with your business’s growing needs.

Confidential Retail Company


A top, multinational retail company needed a solution to improve Sales and Inventory management for their burgeoning business. They felt they needed a way to be able to push the correct items for sale in order to push their business to the next level.


Prela created a Sales Management Tool that provided Sales representatives with live data of available stock. This knowledge allowed sales representatives to push products that needed to sold, maximizing profit, and resulting in a Seven-figure win for the company.

Leading Medical Device Company


Medical device company required a way to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their Sales Representatives. They required a custom CRM solution in order to accommodate their team.


Prela provided them with a custom interface for CRM that acted as a phone link between the interface and the Sales Person. The application allowed Sales representatives to be more efficient during a sales call. As a result, the department that used this software was the #1 territory of revenue for the company.

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